Holmeswood Methodist School

Growing Together: Aim High, Believe, Achieve

Our Governors

The Governors of our school have certain legal responsibilities to ensure that the school organises effectively its time and resources. They represent a wide spectrum of life in the community and it is their aim to work together for the benefit of our children, staff and community.

The Governors meet at least once a term, and their agendas and minutes are available in school for parents to inspect.

Chair of Governors (Foundation Governor)

Vice Chair (Community Governor)

Staff Governor (Headteacher)

Staff Governor (Junior Class Teacher)

Foundation Governor

Community Governor

Community Governor

Parent Governor

Parent Governor

Parent Governor

Parent Governor

Local Authority Governor


Staff, Curriculum & Pupil Welfare Committee

This committee meets once a term to review:

  1. Staffing arrangements and performance
  2. Pupil achievements, progress and attendance
  3. Policies relating the curriculum, staffing and safeguarding

The committee comprises the following members:

  • Jean Holroyd (Chair)
  • Relph Higson (Headteacher)
  • Helen Ross
  • Kath Cummings
  • Anna Ingram
  • Steven Allday
  • Irene Sutton 

Register of Interest

Please click the link below to view a register of Governors' business interests, details relationships to staff in school and involvements with other educational establishments.

Register of Interest...


Attendance at Meetings

We are now required to publish Governors' attendance records over the last academic year.


Full Governing Body Meetings:


Aut 17

Spr 18

Sum 17

Michael Tindsley Y Y Y
Jean Holroyd Y
Relph Higson
Helen Ross Y
Adrian Pendleton Y
Steve Bycroft Y N
Kath Cummings Y Y
Steven Allday - Y -
Anna Ingram - Y -
David Pimlott
Irene Sutton
Christine Entwistle Y Y Y


Rev Michael Tindsley (Child Protection Governor)

Mrs Jean Holroyd

Mr Relph Higson (Link Governor, responsible for Gov training)

Mrs Helen Ross

Mr Adrian Pendleton

Mr Steve Bycroft

Mrs Kathleen Cummings (Maths Governor)

Mr Steven Allday

Mrs Anna Ingram

Mr David Pimlott

Mrs Irene Sutton (English Governor)

Mrs Christine Entwistle (SEND Governor)


Finance & Buildings Committee

This committee meets once a term to review:

  1. School Budget and Unofficial School Fund spending
  2. Building repairs, maintenance and improvements
  3. Policies relating the Finance and Health & Safety

The committee comprises the following members:

  • Michael Tindsley (Chair)
  • Relph Higson (Headteacher)
  • Adrian Pendleton
  • Christine Entwistle
  • David Pimlott
  • Steve Bycroft

Governor Details

To find out more information about our Governors (date appointed, term of office etc) please click the link below.

More Governor Details...







Committee Meetings:


Aut 17

Spr 18

Sum 18

Michael Tindsley Y  N
Jean Holroyd Y
Relph Higson Y
Helen Ross Y Y
Adrian Pendleton N Y
Steve Bycroft N Y Y
Kath Cummings Y Y N
Steven Allday - Y N
Anna Ingram - Y Y
David Pimlott Y
Irene Sutton Y N N
Christine Entwistle N Y Y