Holmeswood Methodist School

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[NB percentage data is of little statistical significance due to the low number of children in each cohort]


We are very proud of our children's achievements and are delighted to report the excellent progress of pupils in our recent Year 6 cohort (2015).


2015 End of Key Stage 2 Cohort


Number in Cohort: 7 (each pupil = 14.3%)

57% achieved Lv4+ in Reading, Writing & Maths  

29% achieved Lv5+ in Reading & Writing


71% achieved Lv5+ in Maths



(expected progress = 2+ levels)


86% made expected progress in Reading


71% made expected progress in Writing


86% made expected progress in Maths


57% made expected progress in Reading, Writing and Maths





Summary of our end of KS2 data compared to England average can be found here...

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Link to the DfE's School Performance Tables website

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